Here is a photo and story of my 1999 deer, he's not my biggest but he gave me

the best hunt yet.

   I hunt the back side of Pentuckaway State park , Deerfield New Hampshire side

about 5 miles from my house and have 5 permanent tree stands set up, they

have been there for years. Its a mile and a quarter walk down a trail across

posted land ( all down hill ) at the end of the day its all up hill! For

Christmas 1998 I bought myself my a sportsman 500 ATV to get the deer out of

the woods, but only drive it in to get the downed deer. I will not drive in

to hunt I respect other hunters.


Opening day muzzleloader on my way to first tree stand I jumped a by buck,

spent the next 6 hour in that tree stand, saw or heard nothing else. Next day

went to same tree stand, saw nothing. Next day same tree stand around 7:30

saw movement, it was a doe see was about 125 yards in thick brush, see was

passing left to right it could have been a decent short but a wont take a doe

that early in the season. Next day same tree stand nothing again, it seems to

be every alternate day they used the run. So again the next day same time

same place here comes the doe again, I let her pass again. That afternoon I

move my tree stand up into the thick brush where they have been passing

through. The following day (alternate day ) nothing, next day same time same

place I see movement coming down the valley, a nice buck 8 pointer comes

around the corner, perfect shooting position from tree stand the only problem

when I raised my muzzleloader my scope ( IM 1/2 blind too ) it wasn't a

morning short ( pure sun ) could not pick him up, after squinting for about 5

minutes, a doe behind him turn't and went up the hill, he followed but

stooped broadside about 100 yds away. It seemed to be a pretty good short so

I raised muzzleloader again, gently squeezed trigger, misfired! Fist misfire

ever. Took capper installed new cap and another misfire, fumbled for capper

again I new I had an inverted cap coming up in the capper, while trying not

to loose site of the deer and recap I drop capper from tree stand, waved

good-bye to buck. Next day (alternate day ) nothing. I wont give up on the

tree stand, next day 7:30 comes, 8:00 comes, 8:30 comes, nothing. Now IM

disgusted I climd down tree stand load up backpack start up hill I get 50 ft

from tree stand and here he comes, drop to knee, one short, one kill. Walk

out got 4 wheeler, hoisted him up oak tree, field dressed, strap him down and

said " thank you ", thank you for the best hunt ever.

Deer dressed out at 187 lbs 7 point