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Target Plans-1

Sent in by Paul Artwork Kerry Stacy


List of Material

1----20’ Stick of 1½” PVC

4----1½” PVC Tee fittings

1---- ¾” Aluminum channel strip

1----Sheet of Styrofoam 4’x 8’ cut in to two pieces ( light blue is best )

Tools needed to build it!

Measuring tape, PVC cutter or a hacksaw, Razor knife, Table saw, #2 Philips,

Let's  put it together. DO NOT use PVC glue!

SECTION ( A ) The Holders

Take the PVC and cut 2 sections 25” long. Take the 2 pieces of PVC and you will need to cut a section out of each pipe. Cut a slit ¾” wide, 23”long down the PVC pipe or you can take the ¾” aluminum channel strip and screw it onto the pipe with some sheet metal screws. This will let you slide the Styrofoam into place, as shown in the drawing as Section ( A ). You will cut 3 pieces of Section ( D ) if you do it this way and you will need 2-90’s or 90 degree fittings.

SECTION ( B ) The Tee fittings

Take the Tee’s and put them on each section as you cut them out. DO NOT use glue, you might have to replace a piece if you miss the target.

SECTION ( C ) The Legs

Take the PVC and cut 2 pieces 30” long. Mount 2 more tee’s on one end of each pipe

SECTION ( D ) The Center Piece

If plan to use a ¾” aluminum channel strip you will need to cut 2 pieces of this section out. Cut the PVC 22” long. If you did it the other way cut only one out 22” long.

SECTION ( E ) The Feet

Take the PVC and cut 4 pieces 27” long. Be sure to cut one end of the pipe with 45 degree angles, this way if you want to use Section ( E ) as Section ( C ) you can drive them into the ground. The long feet are to help hold the stand up from the things being shot at it.

SECTION ( F ) The Styrofoam Target holder

Take the piece of ¾” Styrofoam and cut it to fit into Section ( A ) now you are ready to put your target on it and shoot. Use thumbtacks to hold you paper target on the Styrofoam