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Red Hartebeest

Johnny Lee Witt

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Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest



 rowland ward, sci, Red Hartebeest Red Hartebeest -The hartebeest is a large, fawn-colored antelope that at first glance seems strangely put together and less elegant than other antelopes. However, being one of the most recent and highly evolved ungulates, it is far from clumsy. In fact, it is one of the fastest antelopes and most enduring runners. These qualities gave rise to its name, which means "tough ox." Its sedentary lifestyle seems to inhibit the mixing of populations and gene flow; as a result, there are several subspecies of hartebeest.

Rowland Ward Min: 23"     SCI Min: 62"
Mass:% 137 - 180 kg& 105 - 136 kg
Shoulder height: 125 cm & 119 cm