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Oryx Gazelle

Johnny Lee Witt

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Oryx Gazelle


 rowland ward, sci, Gemsbok (Oryx) Gemsbok (Oryx gazelle) Largest of the Oryx, this South African antelope has a pinkish-tan body with outstanding black and white markings on the head and legs.  Both males and females have long straight horns.  The black band on their side separates the white underside from the body.  The long black tail has a black brush that hangs to the ground.  Feeding mainly on grasses, these hardy animals can go for months on end without a drink of water if the grazing supplies enough moisture.  They can be very aggressive and the horns that can exceed 45 definitely demand respect.


Rowland Ward Min: 40"     SCI Min: 88"
Mass: 240 kg  & 210 kg
Shoulder height:  120 cm