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Cape Bushbuck

Johnny Lee Witt

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Cape Bushbuck


 rowland ward, sci, Bushbuck Bushbuck  -The bushbuck has geometrically shaped white patches or spots on the most mobile parts of the body the ears, chin, tail, legs and neck. Males (which have horns) make the markings more visible during highly ritualized displays during which they arch their backs and walk in a tense, high-stepping gait. These displays, used for impressing and intimidating females and rival males, usually make fighting unnecessary. The hierarchy among males is age-based; as they get older and the chestnut color changes to dark brown, the white markings are more conspicuous.

Only male bushbucks have horns, which are between 10 and 20 inches long and grow straight back. At 10 months, young males sprout horns that are strongly twisted and at maturity form the first loop of a spiral. Other antelopes with spiral horns are sitatungas, bongos, elands and kudus.

Rowland Ward Min: 15"     SCI Min: 31/33"
Mass: 40 - 77 kg & 30 - 36 kg
Shoulder height: 80 cm & 70 cm